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Posted on: May 25, 2021

[ARCHIVED] Request for Qualification (RFQ) To Provide Engineering Services




Request for Qualification (RFQ) To Provide Engineering Services 

City of Jackson Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade 



The City of Jackson, Georgia, as “Owner”, is seeking Statements of Qualifications from firms interested in providing Engineering Services. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is issued to identify the most qualified potential providers of the above-mentioned services. One firm which responds to the RFQ and who are determined by the Owner to be especially qualified may be deemed eligible and may be invited to discuss and negotiate for these services. All respondents to the RFQ are subject to instructions communicated in this document and additional terms and conditions listed in the Owner’s RFQ. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all statements of qualifications, and to waive technicalities and informalities at the discretion of the Owner. 


Restriction of Communication: From the issue date of this RFQ solicitation until a successful proposer is selected and announced, proposers are not allowed to communicate for any reason with any members of the Selection Committee or the Owner staff, except for:  


  1. Submission of questions as instructed in the RFQ,  

  2. As provided by any existing work agreement(s).   


    For violation of this provision, the Owner reserves the right to reject the proposal of the offending proposer.   


    The RFQ Package may be obtained at City of Jackson, Georgia, 134 S Oak St., Jackson, GA  30233. 5 bound original Statements of Qualifications must be delivered to the Owner at the listed address and should be delivered in accordance with instructions in the RFQ package.   


    Questions may be directed to Brittany Brown, City Clerk via email at .  Questions will be answered via addendum only.  The deadline for submitting questions is June 18, 2021. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all statements of qualifications, as well as to waive technicalities and informalities. 


    It is the policy of the Owner and the Georgia Environmental Finance City that small businesses, female-owned businesses and minority businesses have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in these opportunities. Contractors and subcontractors who utilize qualified minority subcontractors may qualify for a state income tax credits for qualified payments made to minority subcontractors.  See Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) Section 48-7-38.  



    City of Jackson, Georgia

    134 S Oak St.

    Jackson, GA  30233



    City of Jackson, Georgia


    Request for Qualifications to Provide


    Engineering Services


For Upgrades to


Jackson Wastewater Treatment Plants
























Request for Qualifications


Engineering Services


Jackson Wastewater Treatment Plants Upgrades



The City of Jackson, Georgia, (“Owner”), is soliciting statements of qualifications from professional firms interested in providing Engineering Services for the upgrade of the City of Jackson Wastewater Treatment Facilities. This Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) seeks to identify potential providers of the above-mentioned services. One or more firms that respond to this RFQ and who are determined by the Owner to be especially qualified, may be deemed eligible and may be invited to discuss and negotiate for these services. All respondents to this RFQ are subject to instructions communicated in this document and are cautioned to completely review the entire RFQ and follow instructions carefully. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all statements of qualifications or proposals, and to waive technicalities and informalities at the discretion of the Owner.


Please note: The issuance of this RFQ invokes a Restriction of Communication on potential respondents, which, if violated, may result in proposal rejection (See Section 8 for details).  


1.         General Project Information 


Project Description 


The delivery method for this Project will be design, bid, build and, as a minimum, the Owner will employ the services of a General Contractor in addition to the Engineering Consultant.  


Project Goals


The successful Engineering Consultant will provide assistance to the City of Jackson with securing a GEFA loan to provide improvements and modifications to all three of the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facilities; Northeast Wastewater Treatment Plant, Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Yellow Water Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Services shall include the securing, preparation and submittal of all GEFA documentation necessary to secure a GEFA loan. The Engineering Consultant will also be responsible for securing the new permit necessary to upgrade the capacity of the existing Northeast treatment from 0.14 MGD to 0.2 MGD.  

The Engineering Consultant is responsible for providing the Engineering related to these proposed improvements to each of the City’s plants:

Northeast Plant – Increase Capacity from 0.14 MGD to 0.20 MGD

  • Convert aeration tank to diffused aeration with blowers and DO control

  • Install blowers for diffused aeration system in basin above

  • Construct two circular concrete clarifiers

  • Install clarifier equipment in above units

  • Construct two tertiary filter units

  • Install filter internal equipment in above units

  • Replace 150 lb. dual scales for chlorination system

  • Electrical required for aeration, clarification and filtration modifications

  • Construction Field Overhead, Profit and Mobilization

Yellow Water Creek Plant – Upgrades Only

  • Interior steel walls of package plant need to be sand blasted, cleaned and painted to three (3) feet below water level.

  • Replace all internal isolation valves, flow gates, and operators for the steel package plant, (the City is scheduling for this work to be completed)

  • Replace 150 pound dual scales at the chlorination system

  • Replace 150 pound dual scales at the sulfur dioxide system

  • Repair aeration basin air diffusers as required for even air distribution.

  • Consider building an influent flow equalization/storage basin for high flows during storm events.

  • Perform infiltration and inflow study of wastewater collection system for resolution of excess flow to the plant during storm events.

  • Replace influent screen and control panel at headworks, unit has served its useful life cycle.

  • Replace media for tertiary filters.

  • Replace all mechanical components of filters and clean and repaint filter tanks.

Southside Plant – Upgrades Only

  • Sandblast and repaint top interior of all tanks to 36" below WL

  • Replace 150 pound dual scales at the chlorination system

  • Replace 150 pound dual scales at the sulfur dioxide system

  • Replace headworks screen and control panel

  • Replace chlorinator on the sulfur dioxide system

  • Replace all mechanical units in both tertiary filters and all filter media

  • Repair aeration basin air diffusers as required for even air distribution.

  • Consider building an influent flow equalization/storage basin for high flows during storm events.





Project Schedule


The City of Jackson, Georgia anticipates the completion of the improvements requested herein per the schedule below:


            Notification of Award to the Selected Consultant                       August 2, 2021         


Notice to Proceed to Selected Consultant                                  August 16, 2021


EPD Approved Plans Ready to Advertise                                   May, 2022


Notice to Proceed to Construction Contractor                            July 11, 2022


Construction Completion                                                               April 7, 2023


All of the dates above are estimates and subject to change. The fee structure for Engineering Consulting Services relative to the schedule and fee amounts will be agreed upon by the Owner and the Consultant prior to the start of Consulting Services.


2.         RFQ Schedule Of Events 


The following Schedule of Events represents the Owner’s best estimate of the schedule that will be followed. All times indicated are prevailing times in Georgia. The Owner reserves the right to adjust the schedule as the Owner deems necessary.   


a.  Owner issues public advertisement of RFQ for a period of 30 days                              



b.  Deadline for written questions/requests for clarification (see section 6)


 5:00 PM

c.  Deadline for submission of Statements of Qualifications (see sections 5, 7)


5:00 PM

d.  Owner completes evaluation, posts results, and issues Notification to Finalist firms



e.   Deadline for submission of written questions from finalists  


5:00 PM

f.   Deadline for finalist firm to submit Project Cost Proposal


5:00 PM

g.   Selection Committee interviews top finalist firm











3.         Engineering Consultant Requirements 


The successful firm will demonstrate experience in the successful completion of projects of similar size and equipment within the region. Important criteria in the selection of a consultant for this project will be as follows:


  • Demonstrate that the firm has the technical ability to perform the required work to properly execute the scope of the project. This ability includes a detailed description of all disciplines available to the firm including in-house assets as well as sub-consultants required to provide the services.


  • A detailed description of how the project will be executed in order to provide the City of Jackson, Georgia with a workable solution at a reasonable price.


  • The firm’s familiarity with the current design and operation of the City of Jackson, Georgia Water Treatment Plants and/or processes similar in nature to this facility.


  • The firm's experience with funding agencies, especially United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), State Revolving Fund (SRF), Economic Development Administration (EDA) and private bonding agencies. All respondents are required to provide demonstrated experience of successfully obtaining Grant/s for construction projects. (2-page max.)


  • The resume’ and experience of Project Staff proposed to perform the requested Engineering and Project Management for this project. An organizational chart showing the Project staff and the role that each is expected to perform.


  • The firm should be able to list experience with the renovation of at least three (3) similar wastewater plants within the last five (5) years.


  • The selected firm should be able to perform in-house biological modeling and demonstrate experience with similar facilities.


  • Experience and knowledge of Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) permitting issues.


  • The firm's approach to developing & implementing a design and construction quality control program.


  • How the firm will comply with possible environmental mitigation requirements. Describe how the firm has demonstrated performance and completed plant acceptance tests in previous Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) projects.


  • The firm's experience in providing training to previous WWTP operators and mechanics post project completion.


  • The selected firm will be required to provide full time resident inspection on site for the duration of the construction. The inspector shall be an employee of the selected firm.  


  • The selected firm should be able to demonstrate experience with the completion of watershed assessments and the annual monitoring programs related to these studies.


4.         Instructions for Preparing Statements of Qualifications


A single PDF file of the statement of qualifications shall be prepared and emailed to prior to the submittal deadline. Each submittal must include a transmittal letter.  Submittals must be able to print on standard (8 ½” x 11”) paper. The pages of the qualification submittals must be numbered. A table of contents, with corresponding tabs, must be included to identify each section. Responses are limited to 30 pages or less using a minimum of an 11-point font.  Any exhibits, affidavits, or other enclosure information called for may be included in an appendix and will not count toward the page limit. Each Statement of Qualifications shall provide a straightforward, concise delineation of respondent’s capabilities. Fancy, colored displays, and promotional materials are not desired. Emphasis must be on completeness, relevance, and clarity of content. The content of all Statements of Qualifications must be categorized and numbered as outlined below, and responsive to all requested information:


   Description and Resources of Firm  

  • Provide basic company information: Company name, address, name of primary contact, telephone number, fax number, email address, and company website (if available). If the firm has multiple offices, the qualification statement shall include information about the parent company and branch office separately. Identify office from which project will be managed and this office’s proximity to the project site. Provide form of ownership, including state of residency or incorporation, and number of years in business. Is the offeror a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), joint venture, or other structure? 


  • Briefly describe the history and growth of your firm(s). Provide general information about the firm’s personnel resources, including disciplines and numbers of employees and locations and staffing of offices 


  • Provide a statement of disclosure, which will allow the Owner to evaluate possible conflicts of interest. Respondents must provide, in their own format, a statement of all potential legal or otherwise significant conflicts of interests possibly created by the respondent’s being considered in the selection process or by the respondent’s involvement in the project. Respondents should include information as to the nature of relationship(s) with parties in such potential conflict.


  • Has the firm ever been removed from a Service Contract, had a contract terminated for default, or failed to complete a contract as assigned?  


Experience and Qualifications 

  • Provide professional qualifications and description of experience for principal Consulting Services personnel. (At this stage, firms are asked for information on lead staff only, but may list qualifications and experience on more than one lead individual who is qualified and available for proposed project. If the firm is selected as finalist, the Owner will request detailed information on the exact proposed expanded team and their relevant experience.) Firms that respond as joint teams will be expected to clearly demonstrate their team members’ shared experience, as a joint team, on prior projects of similar magnitude and complexity.


  • Provide information on the firm’s A/E Consulting Services experience on projects of similar type, size, function, and complexity. Describe no more than and no less than five projects, in order of most relevant to least relevant, which demonstrate the firm's capabilities to perform the project at hand. For each project, the following information should be provided:  


    1. Project name, location, and dates during which services were performed.  

    2. Brief description of project and physical description (buildings, square footage, number of stories, site areas).

    3. Services performed by your firm.  

    4. Owner’s stated satisfaction level in the Consulting Services and/or overall      service of your firm.  

    5. Owner contact information.  


  • Describe the firm’s experience and qualifications in a leadership role over multiple providers and phases of construction for similar wastewater treatment facilities. Include any oversight of projects of relevant complexity, including experience in providing leadership in projects that utilize similar building methods and applications to that of incumbent project. Include any certifications, industry ratings, and achievement recognitions, etc., to attest to the level of experience and success. Describe innovations that the firm might have introduced or employed to increase the project’s adherence to technical standards. 

Statement of Suitability  


  • Provide any information that may serve to differentiate the firm from other firms in suitability for the project. Suitability may include, but is not limited to, the firm’s fit to the project and/or needs of the Owner, any special or unique qualifications for the project, current and projected workloads, the proximity of office to project location, and any services offered by the firm that may be particularly suitable for this project. 


  • Provide any non-discrimination and affirmative action policies of the firm and the firm’s history of W/MBE inclusion in sourcing for projects.




5.   Submittal of Statements of Qualifications 


A single PDF file of the statement of qualifications shall be prepared and emailed to the Brittany Brown, City Clerk at prior to the submittal deadline. Each submittal must include a transmittal letter. Submittals must be able to be printed on standard (8 ½” x 11”) paper and the words “Statement of Qualifications” and Project number must be clearly indicated in the filename. Statements of Qualifications must be received by the Owner prior to the deadline indicated in the Schedule of Events (See Section 3) at the exact address below:


Brittany Brown, City Clerk

City of Jackson, Georgia

134 S Oak St.

Jackson, GA  30263

6.         Selection Process 


A Selection Committee, consisting of representatives of the Owner, will identify a selection of finalist firms through a qualifications-based selection process. The Selection Committee will receive and evaluate Statements of Qualifications submitted in response to this RFQ using the following criteria:   


Criteria for evaluation of Statements of Qualifications


25%    Description and Resources of Firm – Stability of the firm, including the firm’s corporate history, growth, resources, form of ownership, financial information, and other evidence of stability.  


25%    Project Understanding and Approach – Does the firms Statement of Qualifications demonstrate a firm understanding of the proposed project? Is the approach to the overall design and construction of the project consistent with the needs of the City?


30%    Experience and Qualifications - Including the demonstrated ability of firm in effective Consulting Services of facilities comparable in complexity, size, and function meet the Engineering Consultant Requirements as outlined. This includes relevant experience and qualifications of the principal Consulting Services lead staff and level of experience in a leadership role over multiple providers and phases of construction for this type of project.


This item to also consider the Firm’s apparent suitability to provide services for Project, including the firm’s apparent fit to the project type and/or needs of the Owner, any special or unique qualifications for the Project, current and projected workloads, proximity of office or lead staff to Project location, and services offered by the firm. The firm’s non-discrimination policies, any affirmative action policies and past efforts for W/MBE inclusion will be a part of this evaluation, as well as the firm’s record and methodology of addressing public safety and environmental concerns.


20%    Does the firms current workload and staffing allow for the firm to meet the schedule for the proposed project?



Finalist Notification    


Three (3) finalist firms will be selected to interview. The names of the firms selected as finalists will be posted on the Georgia Procurement Registry. The firms selected as finalists will receive written notification from the Owner which will address the necessary elements of the remainder of the selection process. These elements include, but may not be limited to, the following:  


Submittal of Cost Proposal


Following the notification of the three (3) finalists, each finalist will be asked to provide a cost proposal to the Owner. Details of the requirements will be outlined on the notice submitted to the three finalists.




In the Finalist Notification, each finalist firm shall be informed of the place and time for the interview session. The time allotted to each firm will not exceed 90 minutes to include: 15 minutes for setup, 30 minutes for proposer presentation, 30 minutes for Committee questions, and 15 minutes for knockdown. Although the Owner will have a screen and projector available in the interview room, presenter must be prepared with own projector and laptop for quick setup within the allotted 15 minutes as a backup. The remainder of the presentation may involve flip charts or boards along with oral presentation. Additional interview instructions and guidelines will be provided in the Notice to Finalists, as well as the criteria which will be used to evaluate the interview.    


Consultant Selection


Upon completion of the evaluation and interview process by the Selection Committee, the firms will be ranked using criteria described herein in descending order of recommendation. Negotiations may then be initiated with the highest-ranking firm to finalize the terms and conditions of the contract, including the fees to be paid. In the event a satisfactory fee agreement cannot be reached with the highest-ranking firm, the Owner will formally terminate the negotiations in writing and enter into negotiations in turn with the second highest ranking firm, and so on until a mutual agreement is established and the Owner awards an Engineering Consulting Services contract. The actual Form of Contract shall be developed by the Engineering Consultant.


7.         Submittal of Questions and Requests for Clarification  


Questions about any aspect of the RFQ, or the project, must be submitted in writing (email is preferable) to: . The deadlines for submission of questions relating to the RFQ are the times and dates shown in the RFQ Schedule of Events in Section 3 Proposers are cautioned to review and adhere to the Restriction of Communication (See Section 8) for this Project.   




8.         Additional Terms and Conditions 


Restriction of Communication


From the issue date of this (RFQ) solicitation until a successful proposer is selected and the selection is announced, proposers are not allowed to communicate about this solicitation or this Project for any reason with any members of the Selection Committee, the Owner, except for submission of questions as instructed in the RFQ, or during the proposer’s conference (if applicable), or as provided by any existing work agreement(s). For violation of this provision, the Owner reserves the right to reject the proposal of the offending proposer.   


Submittal Costs and Confidentiality


All expenses for preparing and submitting responses are the sole cost of the party submitting the response. The Owner is not obligated to any party to reimburse such expenses. All submittals upon receipt become the property of the Owner. Labeling information provided in submittals “proprietary” or “confidential”, or any other designation of restricted use will not protect the information from public view.


Subject to the provisions of the Georgia Open Records Act, the details of the proposal documents will remain confidential until final award.


Award Conditions


This request is not an offer to contract or a solicitation of bids. This request and any statement of qualifications or proposal submitted in response, regardless of whether the proposal is determined to be the best proposal, is not binding upon the Owner and does not obligate the Owner to procure or contract for any services. Neither the Owner nor any party submitting a response will be bound unless and until a written contract mutually accepted by both parties is negotiated as to its terms and conditions and is signed by the Owner and a party containing such terms and conditions as are negotiated between those parties. The Owner reserves the right to waive non-compliance with any requirements of this Request for Proposal and to reject any or all proposals submitted in responses. Upon receipt and review of responses, the Owner will determine the party(s) and proposal that in the sole judgment of the Owner is in the best interest of the Owner (if any is so determined), with respect to the evaluation criteria stated herein. The Owner then intends to conduct negotiations with such party(s) to determine if a mutually acceptable contract may be reached.   


Statement of Agreement  


With submission of a statement of qualifications or proposal, the Proposer agrees that he/she has carefully examined the solicitation, and the Proposer agrees that it is the Proposer’s responsibility to request clarification on any issues in any section of the solicitation with which the Proposer disagrees or needs clarified. The Proposer also understands that failure to mention these items in the proposal will be interpreted to mean that the Proposer is in full agreement with the terms, conditions, specifications and requirements in the therein. With submission of a proposal, the Proposer hereby certifies: (a) that this proposal is genuine and is not made in the interest or on behalf of any undisclosed person, firm, or corporation; (b) that Proposer has not directly or indirectly included or solicited any other Proposer to put in a false or insincere proposal; (c) that Proposer has not solicited or induced any person, firm, or corporation to refrain from sending a proposal.

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