Police & Jail Operations
The Chief of Police is responsible for the overall operations of the City’s law enforcement agency consisting of the City Jail, 13 sworn police officers, and 4 communications officers. The City of Jackson Police department has a 16 bed jail for housing their own inmates. The City of Jackson Police Department is responsible for law enforcement and services to all citizens inside the corporate limits of Jackson twenty-four hours a day and provides around the Clock Emergency service contacts for ALL City Departments. Officers stand ready to respond with the most modern equipment to handle any situation or provide help with any service you might need. The Police Department has a very effective K-9 unit. Utilizing the department’s trained Belgian Malinois, Ric, Lt. Corey Biles has been very successful in illegal drug interdiction in Jackson and in helping agencies find illegal drugs. This is a very important part of the Jackson Police Department’s spirit of cooperation between agencies.